The team

Henri Rion, CEO

After a career in the financial industry, Henri decided to launch its own activities in the Web Industry, his passion since his early childhood. Thanks to his experience in the e-commerce, Henri discovered that many brands had huge difficulties to map and keep an eye on their online resellers network. Koopol was born, the First Online Price Monitoring tool dedicated to brands.

Nicolas Devos, CTO

Without Nicolas there is no Koopol, or at least not as robust as the tool has been since day 1. In a nutshell, he is passionate about data and Python. He worked for a long time for a research and innovation center aiming ICT companies to perform faster and scale. He is now proud to apply his knowledge on a concrete and innovative product that leverages new technologies to extract and analyze data in real time.

Lionel Cordier, CPO

Lionel is a product builder. That's where he shines best. After a long time as founder of his own creative agency he started creating successful digital products. He's the ideal mix between marketing & product design, that's what makes Koopol simple but sexy.