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Truly automated solution

With Koopol you finally get a truly automated price monitoring tool:  

  • Onboarding product list from your webshop directly (automatic crawling, CMS plugin, or manually if you insisted)
  • Resellers automatically detected
  • Products automatically identified without reference code required
    (99.7% precision level)

Embrace clarity

Usually price monitoring means a lot of data very hard to track and read. And it can only get worst. At Koopol we believe simplicity is key to get a clear understanding of your situation. We built a simple scoring system. 1 score to understand the situation of a product, a reseller or a global score for your whole brand.

This is then easy to keep track of progress and identify critical situation.

Koopol scoring system let you monitor your brand, your products and your reseller network in a simple but efficient way.

KBS: Koopol Brand score

KRS: Koopol Resellers score

KPS: Koopol Products score

Detect destructive pricing behavior

Understanding your pricing behavior is key for your brand. With Koopol you can finally take back control by understanding why Amazon Dynamic price has dropped, which reseller is the initiater and when this happened. Koopol send you real time notification to let you anticipate critical situations.

Discover why a clear pricing strategy matters for your brand.

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