Online Price Monitoring Tools? Old-fashioned, too expensive, and probably not that useful

May 20, 2020
Are you still monitoring the old way?

Nowadays, brands and resellers are monitoring their products online: prices, reviews, availability, etc. It’s not even a question to keep control on their strategy. However, this is done in a very limited way.


Because of the existing poor offers on the market: limited and old-school tools only. At Koopol, we are convinced that even using AI or any other buzzwords, these existing solutions force the users to compromises, and by nature, they miss the main objectives: boost performances by knowing the market.

Existing (old-fashioned) tools

From low- to high-range of prices, the existing tools are applying the same onboarding:

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The user has to list products (from its catalogue and/or from competitors), gather, and structure the data. Same for resellers to track.

Since monitoring a high volume of products, and resellers will cost a limb, the user will make compromises on products and resellers volume.

Remember, when next collections, if any, arrive the whole process restarts.

What about other resellers and products?
What about compromises?
What time of maintenance?
How long to gather and structure data?

This is old-fashioned, time to move on. Stop compromising, stop losing time in selecting, and gathering data. Focus on selling. Modern users know it.

The Solution: Koopol, knowledge is power

Track whatever you want, whenever you need, as simple as Google

Koopol crawls KPIs for ALL industries, ALL brands, ALL resellers and ALL products, and gather all in one platform (prices, volatility, distribution, availability, reviews, description).

Some queries to perform on Koopol…

Show me where my brand is not distributed while my competitors are
Show me the resellers discounting my brand, in Germany, during sale period
Show me the lowest price for products on the French market
Compare brands prices distribution and volatility per category
Get notified when specific products are out-of-stock on resellers

Koopol is the missing “E-Commerce Search Engine”

• As simple as Google

• The data are already there: no onboarding

• Beta available soon

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